Mom Knows Best

In a world were the term, “mom knows best,” gets fluffed around so often, so generously, and with so much insinuation about moms “always” making the best decision for their kids, I’m going to come in and rain on your parade. Ok. Let’s work on some semantics here. Maybe mom does know best, but does… Continue reading Mom Knows Best

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Overcoming ‘Mom’ Expectations

In a world where many women are prompted by social expectations to transcend boundaries and rise above their female predecessors - who were at once point strictly confined to the domestic sphere, it seems moms, with these new social expectations, have even greater standards to try to meet and adhere to. In the journey of… Continue reading Overcoming ‘Mom’ Expectations

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(Accidentally) Assigning Identity and (Lack of) Personal Value in our Kids

As a kid, there seems nothing worse than being forced to do something. Whether parents are forcing their kids to eat food, go to church, dress appropriately, it’s oftentimes tough on kids to be the subjects of their parent’s ideals. Have you ever said to your kid, “I hope you marry someone spectacular one day,”… Continue reading (Accidentally) Assigning Identity and (Lack of) Personal Value in our Kids

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5 Relaxation techniques for labouring moms (That Really Work!)

Since the moment you found out you’re pregnant, the thought has probably crossed your mind: I have to push a giant baby out of me! Seems scary, right? It doesn’t help that many, if not most, women fear the big day they have to go into labour, even though moms are more than excited to… Continue reading 5 Relaxation techniques for labouring moms (That Really Work!)

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Pregnancy and Labour: A World of Unknowns and a Sea of Advice

There are hundreds of pregnancy books out there, all telling us what to expect when expecting (pun intended?). While I would be either really enthused about pregnancy, a really fast reader, or just really curious, I didn’t read them all. There’s so much conflicting information on pregnancy (Can I eat fish? Can I get in… Continue reading Pregnancy and Labour: A World of Unknowns and a Sea of Advice

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Simplifying the Encyclopedia of Potty-Training

Like many of our day-to-day activities, we oftentimes have no clue what we’re doing. In fact, I didn’t even think I should be teaching my son to go potty on the toilet yet because he still has more sizes to go up in diapers! It wasn’t until many people started asking me, “have you started… Continue reading Simplifying the Encyclopedia of Potty-Training


Starting the parenting journey…

Imagine. You're late for your period. Your breasts are sore. You drag yourself to the drugstore to buy a pregnancy test, with butterflies in your stomach, because what you're about to find out may be life changing. If you're a mom or becoming a mom, you know exactly what I'm talking about. When I found… Continue reading Starting the parenting journey…